who wears short shorts.

operation 'sew margot all of the shorts' is in full swing. i think i'm up to six pairs now, even though only two have been blogged about... (bad blogger). these are by far my favorite yet.

itty bitty tribal track shorts. who can resist?

i had just enough fabric left from the yard i bought for this dress to eek out a pair of shorty-shorts. i did not, however, have enough left to properly pattern match. luckily, adorable toddler bum is more distracting than terrible sewing.

once again, i used dana's fantastic kid's shorts pattern, which i'm super glad i bought. it's definitely getting a lot of use around here. for this pair, i used the pattern for the racer shorts, but instead of sewing on bias tape, i used piping.

somehow, these shorts ended up a bit smaller than the last pair. i think the piping seam allowance was a bit larger than the seam allowance called for (measuring would have helped here probably). they still fit, but they're definitely not as roomy as the last pair. for the next ones in the queue, i went up a size, so hopefully that'll fix that.

i was also super excited that i had the perfect day-glo yellow colored piping in my stash. hooray jo ann close-out sale and hooray sad hoarding habits!

these shorts will be in the regular rotation this summer. they're not exactly the easiest to coordinate, but since when does that matter?

also, if you want more inspiration, check out the sew and show link party over at the straight grain blog. many beautiful things to be seen there.

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