chunky knit hat.

yesterday was a rainy, chilly and dreary saturday. the kind where you don't want to leave the house and end up drinking an excessive amount of tea and coffee and watching way too much parks and rec on netflix. probably one of my favorite kinds of saturdays.

it was also the kind of late september saturday that creates in me an irresistible desire to knit something. so i did.

an awesome split brim hat with a ridiculously over-sized pom pom and a touch of fair isle. free pattern courtesy of sheepy shenanigans on ravelry.

because every toddler needs an absurd hat.

and the best part was, i was able to knit it up in a nap time. a huge win in my book. especially because knitting projects, once set a side, seem to get sucked into an alternate universe, never to be seen again. but not this one! so much cuteness!

the hat is a big snug, but that's because i used siz eleven rather than thirteen needles (what i had on hand) and forgot to add stitches circumferentially. alas.

i made up the fair isle pattern fairly quickly, going for an ombre-ish effect, where the cream gradually changed to the yellow. it worked out fairly well, i think.

i'm so glad it's feeling like fall, and i'm pretty sure this kid is too. bring on the apple picking, pumpkin carving, cider making and hay rides.

raveled here.


  1. Wow, i can't even seem to get the dishes done during nap time.

  2. Wow, i can't even seem to get the dishes done during nap time.

    1. haha. productive craft time obviously means the house looks like a small tornado went off inside. or, rather, let's be honest, a large tornado.