tiny things for a tiny kitchen.

margot turns two on monday. which is basically absurd. where did this tiny nugget go?

for her present, i'm wrapping up the world's tiniest kitchen remodel, thanks to ikea. with the grand reveal of the full project still upcoming, i couldn't help but share the various tiny accessories projects that i've been working on, starting with some ridiculously undersized textiles.

a tiny tea towel and tiny pot holders! for all of your kitchening needs. continuing with the black and gold theme, a salt and pepper shaker.

for these, i bought two $1 packs of salt and pepper shakers from the grocery and applied some pinspiration in the form of gold tape and black stickers. the best part of these is that i was able to pry off the bottom, empty the contents, and fill them about halfway with popcorn kernels. now they make a really satisfying shake-shake sound and are still fully sealed. and i used the emptied salt and pepper to fill our shakers (waste-not).

and then, no tiny kitchen is complete without some play food. this may be the first of many posts about play food makes...

the blueberries are simply wood beads, dyed with some RIT dye i had on hand, and the strawberries were made following these instructions, doubling up on the leaves for added cuteness. i found the cardboard berry crates half off at hobby lobby. too cute to resist.

i'm pretty sure margot's going to be a huge fan. maybe because i'm terrible with suprises and have already let her play with some of the things as i've worked on them. who can resist this kid!

not me. that's for sure. mom's a sucker.


  1. Those are some cool kitchen accessories. Can't wait to see the whole kitchen. I've been accumulating stuff to build James his own little kitchen for Christmas.

    1. awesome! i look forward to seeing yours. i had grand plans of making one from scratch, but then laziness took over and ikea intervened. alas...