sewn baby doll bedding.

for jon's birthday in december we got a margot free day (thanks mee mee and papa), and we spent part of it exploring all of the floors of lou's antique mall in danville, a feat we've not been able to complete with the margot in tow. there, we found an unplanned christmas gift, this super awesome baby doll bed. since i just got around to finishing the bedding for it, i thought it was fair to share now, even though it's almost the end of january.

the tiny kitty quilt i made a while ago, before we even got the bed. i wanted to practice this cat quilt block from mer mag, because i was (and still am) debating using it in a larger quilt. i also made it with hopes of having a back up for margot's inseparable tiny quilt that she naps and sleeps with daily. that part was unsuccessful, but in a happy accident it turned out to fit this tiny bed perfectly.

and every good baby bed needs baby pillows, especially a sleepy cloud pillow. i stopped short of making a tiny pillowcase for the tiny pillow, but it may happen in the future. making small doll accessories is way too fun, not to mention super quick.

the mattress may be my favorite part. i used this tutorial for inspiration, and quilted the layers together with x's before sewing up the fourth side. this probably looked ridiculous while i was doing it, because i'm crazy and wanted both sides to be the same. this meant i had to reach inside the layers to pass the needle back and forth. the final look was totally worth it, though. a little vintage and little modern. 

margot really enjoys having a place to put the ladies to bed. 'night, night stella.' 'night, night louise.' man, she's my favorite (margot, that is).

after a good night's sleep (meaning twenty seconds in pretend play-land), louise wakes up first and tells stella to get up.

i'm pretty sure that this bed will get a lot of play. not too bad for an unexpected christmas gift found on a relaxing day out. did anyone else find any exciting, not on the list but must buy gifts? did any of your christmas makes get pushed into the new year? am i still allowed to ask christmas questions?

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