a sewn fox pillow.

thanks to winter storm jonas, and living in southern virginia where snow removal infrastructure investment is not a top priority, i just had a pretty swell snow week. it involved a lot of hot chocolate drinking, fire sitting, bounding around in the snow with a tireless toddler, soup making, soup eating, and even some sewing, including this guy. he's my new favorite thing.

he's so fluffy!!

i bought the amazing mauvy (??) faux fur awhile ago, and wasn't really sure what i was going to do with it. it was too amazing to pass up though. seriously, it's the softest fabric ever.

when i finally decided on making a fox pillow, it all came together fairly quickly (and adorably). i was pleasantly surprised at how easy the fabric was to sew with (less easy to cut and much less easy to clean up after...) and am super excited about how it turned out.

the little details are always my favorite. the ear fabric is a floral print from and old blouse. and those rosy cheeks really put him over the top in the cuteness arena.

margot thinks it's her fox pillow. i'm pretty sure he's mine though. i just love him. so soft and the perfect spoonable size. don't tell margot...

i'm thinking about making some more and posting them for sale. if you're interested, let me know!

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