valentine printables.

it's february, so there's no ignoring the heart shaped, chocolate covered elephant in the room...valentines day.

i'll admit, i'm not much a fan of valentines day, and we don't really do anything special for it (except for the couple of times jon has tricked me into celebrating...). i am a sucker for a cute card, though, so i thought i'd make a few free printable designs to share with you all. all three of the design below can be downloaded here!

first up, hot dogs. because nothing quite conveys the adorable side of love (or like) like a couple of frankfurters!

and if hot dogs aren't your thing, then how about legos? they're currently a fav around our house, with margot asking almost every evening to 'play with daddy's legos' (because yes, most of the legos bought in our house are for jon, not our kid...).

these two cards are both bi-fold style, so you can add your own sappy valentines message to the inside. to make, simply print off your card of choice, score along the left hand side of the card with an exacto knife (all the way across the paper makes it easiest), and then fold along the score and cut along the remaining three sides (cutting through both layers). easy peasy.

and of course all of this card making got me nostalgic for the good ole days of elementary school, where your biggest valentine's woe concerned who to give the cardboard card from the back of the box to (or was that just me...). so out of pining for the 'good ole days' i also made school style lego valentines. these print four to a sheet, and have the classic TO: and FROM: spots, perfect for sharing with classmates. they kind of make me wish i was back in elementary school...

so, whether you want to express your true love through meat or building blocks, or if you just want something cool to send to school with your kids, go get some free printables. or if you know a friend who just needs to have one of these, share the link!

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