little zippy top.

hmmm...apparently it's been a while since i've been around these parts. no worries, i've been making stuff, just not taking the time to blog about it. i blame instagram. it's so much easier. so, if you're missing me, head on over and follow me. be prepared to be bombarded by margot cuteness though. you've been warned.

this post is also going to be full of margot cuteness. with spring upon us, margot is in need of some comfy, easy breezy clothes. goodbye endless layers. hello shorts, flip flops and tees.

this is my first little zippy top by see kate sew. i actually bought this pattern in the adult size too, hoping to finally break through my fear of sewing me sized things. i choose to think of this mini version as my trial run.

it's a pretty great top. it sews up quickly, fits great (i made the 3T size), and is basic enough that i can imagine making a million different variations. and that zipper!

it was definitely the selling point. i was actually playing around with self drafting a shirt just like this when i came across the pattern. and after pinterest stalking all of the adorable zippy tops around blog land, i was sold. and the pattern goes up to size ten! so it's totally worth it.

i love how simple this pattern was, but i didn't really love how the zipper was sewn in, so i changed it up, sandwiching the zipper between the two facing pieces, rather than just sewing it into the inside. this, i think, makes for a neater finished product. i'm still not totally happy with how i did it, so if you have any suggestions on how to sew a zipper like this, i'd love to hear them.

i can say with certainty that i'll be making more of these for margot this summer. and hopefully even one for me. what's on your list for warm weather sewing?

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