printable christmas gift tags.

i'm a habitual christmas procrastinator. not when it comes to things like decking the halls, or making cookies, or drinking hot cocoa by the fire, or watching elf fifteen times, but definitely when it comes to buying and wrapping presents.

so here i am, several days (i'm not even going to count) before christmas, just starting my wrapping and with several gifts still yet to buy. i would hereby resolve to do better next year, but really, that's just a ridiculous notion. so rather, i will share with you, my fellow procrastinators, some fun and free gift tag printables.

because this seems to be the year of printing things off.

if you checked out my advent calendar, these patterns may seem familiar. and this probably isn't the last you'll see of them...the black and white patterns are just so fun. i also added some hand lettering to the mix. because there are far too few opportunities in life to practice your cursive.

you can get the file here. just print it off (landscape style), cut them out, punch some holes and use them to bring a little cheer to your holiday packages.

i think they're pretty swell. especially paired with bakers twine, black and white ribbon or some chunky yarn. and if you're not a holiday procrastinator (lucky), you can use them for whatever your next gift giving occasion is, since they're pretty neutral. if you do use them, post a link in the comments. i'd love to see them!

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