cardboard christmas tree house.

last year i made margot a felt christmas tree, and it was a big hit. this year, since she currently loves playing with tiny toys, i made her a cardboard christmas tree house. complete with tiny kitties, peg people, and it's very own christmas tree.

it's a super cool project with templates from mr. printables (check out the whole site. there are lots of neat things there). and the best part is, it's essentially free, because who doesn't have a spare cardboard box (or fifty) sitting around the house right about now.

it's also fairly quick, depending on how much customization you want to do. i chose to paint the various panels with some acrylic craft paint that i had on hand. this was accomplished during a margot and mom painting session, which actually was super fun and minimally messy (she's quite the painter).

i also used some gold foil tape to stripe the floors, and maybe ran out on the bottom floor...if only i could remember where i bought it... i'm also considering using a sharpie (white mayhaps) to add some fun designs to the walls. hmmmm

*i really love this picture, because it makes margot look like a giant...

margot seems to think it's pretty cool. she mostly likes putting the kitties through the doors.

so, you should make one too! i'm pretty sure ours will stick around long after christmastime. as long as the masking tape holds and margot doesn't decide that it's climbable...as it most definitely is not.

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