i always have grand plans of being a great blogger during the holidays--posting ideas for diy christmas gifts, sharing perfectly staged photos of delicious cookies, decking the halls and sharing it with the interweb masses--but then a time warp hits and the year skips from thanksgiving to new years.

so, since no coherent post can be made from the whirlwind that is christmastime, i present you with this random look.

to begin this journey of negligence, i present you a trio of garlands, never blogged about. (i may have a slight garland problem.)

these paint dipped pine cones were made three christmases ago, when paint dipping things was all the rage.

last christmas i made these over-sized, bulky yarn pom poms. they're super squashy, though a bit worse for the wear after a lot of margot playing.

and this year's i think is my favorite. the touch of neon yellow in this wooden bead garland makes me smile every time. i think this one will stay up well past christmas.

continuing on in the theme of decked halls, this little corner of the world makes me happy. those christmas trees were one of my very first blog posts five years ago!

coincidentally, this picture also features a houseplant and a set of gnome salt and pepper shakers. (i may also have a slight salt and pepper shaker problem.)

i maybe spent way too much time making yarn tassels and pom poms for present wrapping. and since they matched, i couldn't resist adding these ridiculous knitted caterpillars to the mix.

and lastly, this felt christmas tree was a big hit this year. a diy craft that takes less than thirty minutes, costs about two dollars and keeps a fifteen month old occupied is definitely a winner in my book.

so, there you have it, photographic evidence that christmas twenty-fourteen did happen. as always, i wish i got pictures of more things (i sense a new years resolution in the making).

so how was your holidays? any super awesome crafts, decor or recipes that didn't quite make their way to blog-land?

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