tiny embroideries.

it's pretty obvious on this blog that i like thrift storing (it's even a verb in the sharp house). it may be a problem. evidence of this is the fact that i bought fourteen tiny embroidery hoops. i couldn't help it.

so, what was i do to besides make tiny embroideries?

it's such a quick and satisfying project, perfect for short road trips or lazy evenings. these hoops are around four inches in diameter (i'm estimating here because i'm too lazy to get up off the couch and measure one), so they're quite tiny.

i think it's funny that i embroidered two sentiments that are often at odds with one another in my life--wanderlust and contentment. i try not to psychoanalyze my crafts too much though...

this is actually a pretty old project. maybe by posting this i'll motivate myself to do something with the other twelve. probably not though.

these two actually ended up accompanying twenty-three other tiny objects to arizona as an advent gift. any ideas for the rest of them?


  1. I especially like the "It is well." I have hung up three hoops with contrasting patterned fabric--unembroidered--in a set on the wall. That's an idea that takes almost zero time (hence why I did it) and you could have up in the meantime until you find something else you want to embroider ;)

    1. i love zero time crafts! great idea katie!