hot chocolate.

i like getting mail. not bills or junk or anything like that but real life mail. letters and packages and the such. i also like sending mail. not the part that involves going to the post office and waiting in line but the fun part where you find things that remind you of people far away and pack them up with ridiculously unnecessary attention to detail.

one of my favorite people (hey lilly!) decided to live in arizona, because she's lame. since i like her though, i from time to time send her things. for christmas this year, i sent her twenty-five tiny advent gifts (which i think didn't get there until halfway through december). two of those twenty-five tiny items were these tins of hot chocolate for two.

i used leftover tins from my spice rack project. they were the perfect size for two servings worth of hot chocolate.

the labels were made by me in inkscape (print your own!) and the hot chocolate mix was store bought (the peppermint is from trader joe's. not sure about the hazelnut). they got packaged up with twenty-three other gifts and flown off to arizona, where i'm not sure it ever gets to be hot chocolate weather.

even on their own, these tiny tins make the perfect just because gift. just because mondays are the worst, just because you totally rocked that super big presentation, just because chocolate fixes everything including sickness, heartbreak and car troubles (ok, maybe not really car troubles). whatever the reason, make some. send some. who doesn't need some winter warmth right now?

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