more tiny shoes.

i made ridiculous shoe laces for tiny shoes, and i'm not sure how i feel about them. 

i found these off white canvas shoes at the thrift store for a dollar fifty-nine. originally, i figured i would just draw on them like the kitty shoes, but before i did that, i decided to try my hand a shoe lace making.

i can't even really call them shoe laces. more like sewn tubes of fabric. i didn't do anything special on the ends, which kind of makes them hard to lace up. i wasn't feeling that committed though.

i don't have any margot in action shots. they're a size six and a half (i didn't even know baby shoes had half sizes!), so they're still more than two sizes too big. they stayed on her feet for about thirty seconds.

i'm not sold on them yet. i think they may be a bit to 'boston celtics' for me (although i think lucas would think that's pretty swell). i may try sewing the tubes in half again...maybe narrower laces would look better on tiny shoes...

so, what are your thoughts? are the laces awesome, or  should i stick with the white laces and draw on them? i was thinking maybe an aztechy (yeah, it's a word) pattern of black triangles. or maybe just coloring the trim and in between the double stitching with highlighter yellow? or maybe go craaaazzy and do the black triangles and the yellow trim (i know, i'm a rebel like that).


  1. How about fabric paint on the shoes, maybe even puffy paints, and then Sharpies (haha) on the laces? :-)

    1. haha. i think puffy paint should stay as a fond memory of the eighties :)