felt breakfast foods.

i like giving handmade christmas gifts. more often than not, i have lofty goals that are never quite brought to fruition. this year though, i couldn't even manage to come up with any lofty goals. my brain was a dull hum of pinterest overload and denial that the holidays were just around the corner.

come christmas day, this random assortment of felt breakfast food ended up being my biggest accomplishment. why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?

i made it for my nephew, who's almost two, and probably the most ridiculously cute kid ever! i dare you to argue. just look at those eyes! that hair! that cheesy grin! and anyone that can rock buffalo plaid like that gets a ticket straight to my heart.

since felt food has been a big hit with the margot lately, i figured it would go over pretty well with her cousin. i had already made margot some pancakes and pretty well perfected my felt pancake construction method (future blog post mayhaps?? comment if you'd be interested in a tutorial), so i started with those, complete with felt syrup and wooden pats of butter. and since you can't just have sugar and carbs for breakfast, felt bacon and sausage was a must.

these felt cinnamon rolls were fun super fun to make. i pretty much followed these instructions, but instead of hand sewing the coils together, i cheated and used hot glue. i feel no guilt over this decision, as i made the whole half dozen this way in under an hour (a huge crafting win, i must say). i sadly opted out of using puffy paint to add icing to the rolls. it adds a lot to the adorableness factor of them, but i figured, if it were margot, she'd pick it right back off in about two seconds (and then probably eat it), so her cousin would likely do the same.

and no breakfast spread is complete without the incredible, edible egg. sunny side up of course. for those of you that follow me on instagram, that egg carton may look familiar, as i couldn't resist a pre-christmas sneak peak (i don't think my nephew is on instagram yet, so i didn't have to worry about spoilers). i found the plain cardboard cartons at hobby lobby and then drew the design on with a marker (don't be too impressed, it's not free-handed...i first mocked it up on the computer and then transferred it over in pencil with carbon paper...i'm not that good...)

i debated for a while what to put in the carton. felt eggs? plastic easter eggs? but then i finally settled on another household favorite, kitty mcnuggets. they just fit so perfectly in an egg carton, i couldn't resist. and margot really loves hers.

and there you have it. enough christmas food for a two year old to play short order cook. which will you be having? i'm thinking those bacon and eggs look pretty good right about now.

so what about you, did you accomplish any of your handmade goals this christmas? or are you still spinning in pinterest overload, looking to the new year for a refresh?

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