big kid backpack.

margot started 'school' this year. it's only a half day, four days a week, but to her, it's the greatest thing ever. classmates, coloring pages, new songs, snack time and a big kid playground. all the things she loves. and since she needed a full sized backpack to bring home all of those coloring pages, i thought it was a good chance to make my second toddler backpack.

once again, i used made by rae's toddler backpack pattern, which is truly a magical thing to sew. it really does make you feel like a sewing ninja to make a backpack! i used the instructions for the school sized version, adding a couple of inches to the original backpack's width and height.

the main fabric is this + that from cotton + steel's printshop collection. i'm pretty sure cotton + steel can do no wrong. i originally bought the fabric to line a jacket a made for margot (which is next on my to blog about list...once it gets to be jacket wearing temperatures) and i had just enough left to eek out the front and side panels for this.

for the rest of the backpack i got creative mixing and matching fabrics from my stash. i think, in total, i used no fewer than seven different fabrics. this gingham on the back is one of my favorites. it was from a stash of vintage fabrics i inherited from my grandmother, and has shown up several times around here, like on this little zippy top and this baby doll bedding. sadly, i think i'm out now.

for the straps, bottom and piping i used this faux leather i got from jo ann's. it made the bag a total beast to sew, caused me to break two needles, and led to more than a little swearing, but it was totally worth it in the end. it really makes the bag, i think.

i also added two side pockets and an inside pocket. my favorite is the stretchy side pocket that can hold a drink bottle. ridiculous.
like the last one i made, i also did a sandwich style lining with bias bound seams. fun fact, the gingham on the lining is actually a different fabric, and i still didn't have enough, so polka dot pairing it was! with all of the layers and faux leather, the bias binding was a total pain. i actually ended up hand stitching down the second side of the bias tape. it's not very pretty if you look close, but it photographs well :)

this name tag holder is another one of my favorite parts (ok...so it's maybe all my favorite). i was really pleased when i realized i could use the plastic-y cover from a pack of twist up crayons to make the holder. upcycle for the win!

my only disappointment is that the shape along the edges is a bit wonky. i used super heavy, sew in interfacing, but i undercut it slightly to not have any more bulk in the seams. i'm not sure this was the best choice (i think it says sew in for a reason...), but it definitely has more structure than the last one i made, which i think is necessary for the bigger size.

margot is a huge fan too. she loves wearing it to school each day, and hanging it up in her room when she gets home.

i think in these pictures she's posing like a super hero...not totally sure though... with three year olds and photo shoots, you take what you can get.

it looks totally ridiculous and adorable on her. gosh, when did she get so big.

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